10 Things to Do in Genoa, Italy

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Europe is a great place to vacation. It is filled with rich history and architecture dating back hundreds of years. Italy is no different. It is a common destination for people seeking a vacation that involves stepping back into time.

With towering churches, and monuments, it speaks to a time of wars, explorations and changing monarchy.

If you love to explore new cultures and have a penchant for understanding history and ancient civilization, then Italy is a great vacation spot. Below we provided a number of places and things to do in Genoa, Italy.

Learn about Genoa, Italy


For a country that is shaped like a boot, it is an unspoken truth that there will be interesting things to do when vacationing in Italy. If that were what you thought, then you would be right on target. This is a country with a high population rate, about ten times that of other states and countries of its size. It has over 50 fountains surely keep the populace cool, and its sitting on a fault line making it susceptible to volcanoes certainly add to its depth.

With a stunning countryside and even more picturesque architecture, Italy stands among some of the most beautiful countries in the world. There are a vast number of cities, and that can make it harder to choose when deciding on that family trip.

In the North Western region of Italy, by the Gulf of Genoa on the Ligurian Sea, is where you will find Genoa. It is an enormous and expansive city. There are over 600,000 people residing therein the central areas. However, nearly 2 million others live in the greater metropolitan area.

These numbers indicate that it is the sixth major city in the region. Genoa is also influential when it comes to the financial sector.



Because of its famous history, Genoa is home to quite a number of friendly piazzas, attractive palaces as well as extraordinary churches.

It presents an assortment of unmatched traveler attractions alongside some chances to seek out the retail centers and restaurants in and around the city.

Continue reading as we highlight a few of the best things to do in Genoa, Italy.

Learn about Genoa’s Naval History

One of the main features that you will see there is the massive ports and shipyards. They have been a fixture from the turn of the 19th century. Equally, the Etruscans and Romans made use of these waterways, for generations, as with many other areas in Europe.

There has been a long lasting relation with the Holy Roman Empire and Genoa. Throughout the Middle Ages, it had a fierce fleet of warriors and sailors. But many years after that time, the trade routes changed. And, it was no longer the thriving hub, which it was known as in the past.

It was even annexed as a division of the Napoleon Empire. Now, it has grown in stature to become a strong contributor to the Italian economy.

Sign Up for a Walking Tour of Genoa

One of the top activities that are promoted in this lovely city is the walking tour. This is a way of making sure that you get to experience some of the exquisite places and things about Genoa.

For seven hours, you can meander along the streets of Genoa, with a tour guide. You will be able to move in and out of bars, restaurants and get some Prosecco and focaccia in the morning hours.

Often on these tours, tourists partake of neighborhood Trattoria and have some red wine with ravioli. And then they relax by the beach.

View the Castello D’Albertis

After which, there is a bit of thrill. You can view the stunning Castello D’Albertis. This you can access by taking the Ascensore Castello d’Albertis-Montegalletto lift. It goes straight ahead and then up and down, so that you can get high up to see the sights.

Even after that activity, there is much more.

Walk along the African Mile

You can move about and explore the ‘African Mile’. It will give you the opportunity to get a close up and more information about the African culture and history in that city.

Go See the Luxoro Museum and Nervi Parks

Then there is much to learn about Genoa’s rich naval history by visiting the Luxoro Museum and Nervi Parks. Your tour will then end after taking a train ride back to Quarto, where you can have sun set drinks at the Monu Café.

Unfortunately, this is not a wheel chair friendly tour. The ‘Walking Tour’ of these places must have two or more people to have a booking.

Take a Trip to Portofino from Genoa

This tour brings together two exciting and satisfying experiences. On this tour, you can visit the Portofino fishing village, which is quite beautiful. In addition, you get to explore Genoa, Italy.

It is a seven hour day that involves taking a boat, an air conditioned coach as well as trekking through some local spots on foot. It is well worth seeing the Italian Riviera up close and personal.

Use a Tour Guide

These conversant tour guides, which are in charge of these trips are knowledgeable and will bring to life, the history of these locations. They take you through the city streets, carry you inside restaurants for lunch or drinks as well as accompany you on the coach trip that spans 20 miles.

It spans Genoa to Santa Margherita, via the Tigullio Gulf. After that leg of the journey, you are then ushered to a waiting boat, which will take you to Portofino. After you have had your fill of shops, restaurants and bars or just lounging around the main Piazzetta, you will be returned to Genoa.

Consider Riding Along with the Genoa Scooter Day Trip

For those who prefer to cover more ground in a motorized vehicle, then consider riding along with the Genoa scooter day trip. It not only saves time, but it also cuts out much of the walking aspects of the other tours.

Many consider this a better trip than the walking tour, because often scooter guides lead you into areas where a walking tour cannot go. In addition, you get so much more of the city’s cultural highlights.

For eight hours, you can travel along the hills, view the city and harbor from that high point.

Take a Dip in the Mediterranean Sea

Then, you can come back down and meander through the streets, going through little alleyways and passages. Have lunch a little ways out of the city limits at the serene bay. You can even strip down and enjoy a nice cool dip into the Mediterranean Sea. It will be such a unique and thrilling experience.

After you have had your fill and are satiated by not only the food, but also the sultry waters then you can travel on back to Genoa, Italy via the highway. You can do so by going through the city tunnels.

Have Some Coffee by the Cathedral

You finale could be unwinding and having a nice refreshing drink after you have parked your scooter at the Cathedral.

Keep in mind that you are required to be at least eighteen years of age to go on this tour. Your tour package price includes the cost of your coffee at the final stop. It also takes care of a wheel locker, helmets, fuel and riders’ insurance.

You must make this trip a definite possibility. The artist in you will appreciate it.



You will not lose when you visit Genoa, Italy. It is a perfect example of Italian culture and history. It might not be as famous as other areas in Spain of France, but even so, it is well worth a trip.

It is a gem. The historical artifacts that have been preserved for many generations is accessible and on display. You probably will not be able to get enough of the scrumptious food and drink, the rich culture and magnificent architecture.

Because the people and governing bodies are used to receiving high number of guests, they have efficiently organized many tours. You can take a small, intimate scooter or foot tour. But, if you prefer, you can travel through the city on coaches as well. This is a country of people that love their city, their history, their hospitality and their food.

So be prepared to stop off at bars and restaurants a plenty.

Not to mention having an affiliation with the renowned artists and designers from the past, there is much to offer.

So on your next holiday, make Genoa, Italy one of your top places to see. Look up places to stay, hotel packages and flight costs ahead of time. If budget is of concern, do not worry. There are many packages on offer all year round.

Use Groupon to tap into some of these great deals as well and soon you will be jetting off to have fun and relax in the best that Italy has to offer.

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